The agency built by content creators

we love working with brands that share our passion for creativity.

We love forward-thinking brands. They break the rules & test the limits. To help them do it, we craft stories made from alluring visual content, and then get it front of the right audience. This rich creative territory is where our team and clients create the best work.

What we do.

Soda are the new generation. A modern agency for modern brands. In other words – we get it!
We understand this whole new age media stuff. We’re independent and aren’t worried about fitting in, we let our work do the convincing. These are the key areas that we focus on.


This is the starting point for success. We shed light on the most unique part of your business, and develop a strategic foundation that guides every part of the brand process.


We generate strategies across all social media outlets, specializing in designing and cultivating a specific and individual brand voice that speaks directly to the consumer.


From social content audits to in-depth competitior analysis, we conduct research that uncovers the behaviors and motivators that drive your target audience.


Through both organic outreach and paid partnerships, we find who is speaking to your target demographic and what will resonate to make an amazing impression.


We show the world what brands stand for by producing content that people want to engage with - everything from illustration, photo, video, motion, animation, and audio.


This is a service we offer through one of our partners. We'll map out the best placement, timing and strategy to engage and convert your targeted audience.

Our team.